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Halloween horror story contest results.

Hello, boys and girls!

After reading all your wonderful stories, here are the three best ones for you to enjoy. The winner will be announced after posting them, so have fun reading them!

I have copied them just as I have received them, with only minor changes to help understanding. You are free to correct them in your comments, but please be respectful to your classmates.

THE BOAT by Irene Rodríguez Jiménez

Once upon a time a ship covered a lot of people around the world and this trip was gonna be very scary. They got the boat all night and when I come in almost every cabin of the boat people had died in the previous trips. Dinner came and all the passengers went to the dining room of the ship. The dining room was full of cobwebs and dust and the boat was so big that when people went to their cabins to sleep, spirits came out of the cupboards and they were behind them all night. they could not sleep. When it reached America, they were so close to find beads in the water and wood chips. At the boat many people died, the captain was saying to the people to take out the beads from the boat and sprayed the sea. When it arrived to America about five people were alive. Before disembarking, the ship had exploded.

THE DEMON by Laura Villalba Alcaide

One day I am in the countryside and I see the big castle. I touch the door. the door is open.

I see the shadow and I am frightened. I see my friend Sofi. We all go into the house. I look at my friend, she goes into the bedroom and I go into the kitchen. I see the knife holder. I get hold of one and kill my friend. When she dies I feel very bad. I kill myself and then I see the world and at this moment I kill the pople.

Because the demon eats my brain and he is walking in me I kill the people.

¡Oh! He kills my family and my friends.

The End.

HALLOWEEN NIGHT by Alessia Vela Ortega.

People say that in the Halloween night the door that separates the world of the living and the afterlife is open and the spirits of the deceased make a procession in the village they lived.

In this night the spirits visit the houses of their families, and so they do not disturb the villagers when they put a candle in the window of their house for each deceased in the family. When there is a candle in memory of each deceased the spirits do not disturb their families, if not so, the spirits will disturb them in the night making them fall into terrible nightmares and just going crazy.

So was the story of James Garret, who did not believe that legend and ended dead.

His life was very simple and boring, but every year on the Halloween night strange and mysterious things happened.

He did not attach much importance as he thought that this were antics of children, but a year it missed only on Halloween nights.

It seemed that the spirits of his deceased had drifted into their world and followed him everywhere, that is when he started to lose his temper and feel persecuted.

Looking for help, he went to a psychologist, but it was not worth it, it did not help. And when he was returning home the spirits took possession of the steering wheel of his car over a bridge...and since then, nothing was known of him, until a couple of years later, when some fishermen found his body floating in the river.

Now also his spirit is in the afterlife, but if you are a relative of James Garret, be careful because what they did with him maybe they do also with you.

And the winner is...






...ALESSIA VELA ORTEGA from class 2C!

Congratulations! You will receive you prize in the next workshop lesson.

And to the rest of entries, you have done a really good job. Keep working!

And to the workshop students who did not bother to hand in a story...

Never turn your back on The Ripper!

Whatch this space soon for a special Christmas task...

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