jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening!

This is the first of what I hope would be a list of many, many posts which will be created by the students from the second year of ESO at the IES Cerro Del Viento high school.

With the help of teacher Juan Carlos Laguna, this blog will be the meeting point for the writers, actors, actresses, dramatists, marketing directors and filmmakers inside the pupils. This year will be a very busy one for them.

The schedule for the activities will be announced here as soon as I know them. The first one will be a horror story contest for Halloween. I will set up the deadline soon and the three best ones will be published here.

Our main purpose with this blog is to practise and play with the English language, as well as to show the world what Spanish people can really do in a foreign language. I am sure it will be as fun for you as it will be for me. CHEERS!

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